An ode to fellow blogger recipes

There’s a lot of amazing content out there, especially delicious and often healthy recipes. Although I enjoy putting my own spin on these, often merging two or three recipes to find my ideal sweet spot, there are many that simply justify untouched honourable mentions. See below for a list of those that I’ve chosen from around the web, that I will continue to add to, and feel free to mention any favourite of yours and I’ll add it if it works for me.

Amelia’s – Raw vegan snickers

An easy tray “bake”
Melt-in-mouth snickers bites

This gorgeous recipe turned out better than I could have imagined. I always loved snickers bars, maybe in part because a small amount of peanut made you feel like there was some positive nutritional value to it… But now I really can have my cake and eat it, somewhat guilt free. Don’t get me wrong though- these aren’t a low calorie alternative, they’re just a whole lot healthier than real snickers chocolate bars.

For the full recipe, head over to Amelia’s blog at honeyitsplantbased, where, as the name suggests you can find a whole load more vegan recipes to check out.

My recommendations and tips on this one are:

  • Don’t worry about ingredient specifics too much
    • Use any protein powder (mine was choc flavour),
    • Use what nuts you have in cupboard (cashews are a notoriously good base though because they’re quite neutral in flavour and lend themselves well to other flavourings. You could however use brazil nuts or almonds or maybe even peanuts if you’re ok with a really strong peanut snack)
    • Use any syrup you have to hand, something like agave syrup in the UK or maple syrup in Canada
    • Medjool dates are basically these big fat sweets of nature that are very popular in the middle east and the old Persian regions. I’ve found that they are best blended after soaking overnight in water, or at least 10 mins in hot water to soften them up. If you can’t find the big ones, they equate to about 10g each (after pipping) – so 200g of dates for the recipe.
    • Use cocoa if you don’t have cacao, just be aware it doesn’t have the same health benefits.
    • The vanilla in the milk and the protein powder is a great compliment to all things chocolate and sweet in general, but you can simply add it in separately via vanilla essence or leave out because there’s plenty else going on in this palette
    • Finally use any milk, it’s nutrition and flavour is negligible to the recipe
  • I had to add some milk to my base blend (step.2), to help it all combine but this may depend on the power of your blender.
  • I added extra milk to my caramel too, but be careful not to add to much as this decreases it’s setting temperature (it may melt at room temp).
  • Using a microwave can easily burn your chocolate if left in too long. Alternatively melt in a heat proof bowl over simmering water.

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